Acacia simplex (Simplicifolia) is a perennial climbing tree native to islands in the western part of the Pacific Ocean as far east as Savaiʻi. It is also found in Argentina. This tree grows up to 12 m in height. There is no common English name, but it is called tatakia in Fiji, tatagia in Samoa, tātāngia in Tonga and Martaoui in New-Caledonia.

Acacia Simplex, which is synonymous with acacia simplicifolia, and is perhaps the most desirable of it’s genus. Its seeds are extremely rare, yet coveted by many of the most cultured exotic plant collectors. Simplicifolia’s phyllodes, elliptical in shape, are also thick, smooth and glossy. It is native to the SW Pacific islands, such as Vanuatu and New Caledonia, and it also reportedly grows in Argentina. They can be found growing on sandy shores, spreading high and wide. Acacia Simplicifolia is also used in fishing because it has toxins that can stun fish without harming humans.

The trunk bark from the acacia simplex tree is used for making a beautiful earth-tone red dye. It produces much more dye than mimosa hostilis or acacia confusa (which are said to be similar). We are proud to be the only website offering this rare genus of Acacia!

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